YZU Art Center http://www.yzuartcenter.com )  was formally founded In August 1996 at YZU to become the first university-owned humanistic and artistic center in the greater Tao Yuan area. Merged with the Graduate School of Visual Arts Management founded in 1999, Humanistic and Art Center was renamed as Arts Center and presided by the Chair of the Graduate School to enter upon all the exhibitions and activities with an academic emphasis. In August 2007, the center was separated from the graduate school to be under the supervision of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to hold different art events for the entire faculty and student at YZU. 

Arts Center is provided with the mission to present two different types of artistic activities: the visual art exhibitions and the performing art programs. The former covers various forms of arts such as paintings, sculptures and installation arts, whereas the latter includes dancing, concert and theater. In addition, The Art and Cultural Tour held occasionally in a semester for students and teachers in school to enrich experience through interactive art and cultural venues by visiting art and cultural spaces such as museums, galleries and so on. Furthermore, by organized different speeches and seminars, we invite various artists to provide a face-to-face discussion for the faculty and student of YZU with the artist, through the experiences sharing, intend to excite the writing interest and explore the creativity potential of the student.