Article 1

The duration of this doctoral program is 2-7 years. In addition to writing a doctoral dissertation and meeting related requirements, students are required to complete at least 24 credits (12 compulsory and 12 elective) in order to graduate.

Article 2

The program includes both compulsory and elective courses, and requires at least 3 credits per semester before completing the minimum number of credits required for graduation.

Article 3
Graduate students receiving scholarships and bursaries must meet the following requirements:
  1. Graduate students receiving assistantships are expected to undertake teaching duties or research assistantships assigned by the College.
  2. If the student is found to be engaged in a full-time job during the period of receiving this grant, all grants received during the period of employment should be returned and dealt with by the relevant department.
Article 4

Graduate students must select a doctoral dissertation advisor within two weeks before the end of the first academic year, and no later than two weeks before the end of the second academic year, and properly fill out the application form (Form I).

Article 5

The dissertation advisor should be a full-time professor or associate professor at the College. If the dissertation is jointly supervised by two professors, the first one must be a full-time professor or associate professor at the College, and the second one must be a full-time or part-time professor or associate professor at the University.

Article 6

Before the doctoral dissertation proposal review, if the student needs to apply for a change of the dissertation advisor, he/she must obtain the consent of the original and the new supervising professor and submit the application to the Dean for approval (Form II).

Article 7

Graduate students should receive the "Preliminary Evaluation of Doctoral Student Performance" by the College before the end of the first or second academic year. Graduate students shall submit to the College an application form (Form III), transcripts, relevant publications, and doctoral dissertation proposals, etc. Those who fail the preliminary evaluation must receive counseling from the supervising professor and have their tuition waiver or scholarship reduced or cancelled according to relevant regulations. Students who fail the preliminary evaluation of their doctoral performance during the tuition waiver period or for other reasons, as determined by the Faculty Council, will have their right to a tuition waiver terminated after approval and documentation by the Scholarship Committee.

Article 8

Graduate students should meet the following conditions and be approved by the Program Committee before they are eligible to apply for the oral defense of their dissertation.

  1. Participate in two or more digital cultural and digital cross-domain workshops or keynote speeches.
  2. Publish at least three papers independently in academic symposiums at home and abroad, and publish at least one paper independently in academic journals or professional journals with a censorship system.
  3. One of the papers can be credited for holding a public art solo exhibition or acting as a presenter in art performances on or off campus. Works to be exhibited or performed must be original, with a systematic creative concept and a specific theme, and the College must be notified one month prior to the exhibition.
  4. Students intending to submit a dissertation proposal within two years must have a TOEIC score of 785 or be at an intermediate to advanced level of GEPT, or write a symposium paper or journal paper in English; this English paper does not count towards the number of publications required for graduation.
  5. Exceptional cases approved by the Program Committee. Graduate students submit relevant records or certificates for approval (Form IV).
The above dissertation or project must be published under the name of the graduate student in the "Doctoral Program in Cultural Industry and Cultural Policy" of Yuan Ze University.
Article 9

Graduate students must submit an application for a doctoral dissertation proposal (Form V) after they have earned all the required credits and passed the examination before the end of the semester in order to apply for a dissertation defense in the following semester. Graduate students should hold a public presentation meeting before submitting the doctoral dissertation proposal, otherwise it should not be submitted to the committee for review. After the Ph.D. dissertation proposal has been reviewed and approved (Forms VI and VII), students who have passed the examination by the College in accordance with Article 7 will be qualified for doctoral candidacy. Unsuccessful doctoral dissertation proposals must wait at least one semester before applying for reexamination. If, for unavoidable reasons, it is necessary to apply for an extension of the review of the dissertation proposal, the extension shall be approved by the Dean and shall not exceed one month.

Article 10

Graduate students shall fulfill the agreed obligations and responsibilities and apply for the oral defense of the doctoral dissertation only with the consent of the dissertation supervisor.

Article 11

Graduate students shall complete the plagiarism check before the degree examination, fill out the "Plagiarism Checking Form", submit the Turnitin Report to the supervising professor for signature, and submit the check report to the supervising professor and the Degree Examination Committee on the day of the degree examination.

Excluding the table of contents, introduction, references, appendices, etc., the total similarity of the plagiarism check must be less than 15% and the similarity of the first source must be less than 3%. If any of the above percentages is exceeded, the student must explain the reason and have the supervising professor confirm whether it is true.

Article 12

The defense of the doctoral dissertation shall be passed only if all the defense committee members are present, and the dissertation is approved by two-thirds (inclusive) (Form VIII). Graduate students should make revisions according to the suggestions made by the committee members, and submit the finalized dissertation after being approved by the supervising professor. Students who fail to defend their dissertation must apply for another defense in the next semester, and those who still fail will be withdrawn from the program.

Article 13

All other matters are subject to the regulations of the University and the Ministry of Education.

Article 14

These regulations will be implemented or revised after being approved by the Faculty Council.

Article 15

These regulations will be implemented or revised after being approved and recorded by the Doctoral Program Committee, the Faculty Curriculum Committee, the University Curriculum Committee, and the Academic Affairs Committee.