EBSC (English Bachelor of Strategic Communication)

As communication technologies continue to evolve through constant innovation and the proliferation of devices and platforms provides more accessibility to connect with each other, the ability to effectively communicate has become as critical as ever in the areas of business, economics, politics, and international relations.

EBSC (English Bachelor of Strategic Communication) is characterized as a “Public Relations and Strategic Communication” EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) program.  Students will develop effective communications skills and techniques with a keen sense of language, specifically English.

Our curriculum consists of courses in the five primary disciplines including Social & Policy Sciences, Chinese Linguistics & Literature, Applied Linguistics & Foreign Languages, Art & Design, and Business & Management. Our students get to take diverse subjects in the above mentioned five disciplines. In other words, our students focus on contents rather than the English language that Foreign Language major students need to study as a subject. All the required courses will be instructed in English. Our students can take advantages of 'studying abroad' like environment in Taiwan. These diverse courses will help them be prepared for problem-solving, working in teams with people who have diverse backgrounds, and doing various writing and oral presentation in English. Our students will be asked to bridge knowledge and skills from various disciplines to solve the world's problems.