Now the CHSS includes 5 departments, 1 center, 1 Ph.D. program, and 1 international program as follows:


Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature ( was founded in 1998. The department focuses upon Chinese literature, language, and culture in Asia/Pacific area, informatics/Chinese linguistics integration, and international Sinology. A number of interesting courses are open to all students, including literature writing, news interviewing, reporting, and editing, movie script writing, website design, etc.. The teaching goal of the department is to develop Chinese teachers of junior high or high school, literary authors, writers, editors, researchers, etc..
Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics ( was founded in 1997. The general goal of the department is to pursue foreign language studies for application purposes. The specific aims of the program are to cultivate talents in languages for specific purposes, foreign language teaching and language research. The Master’s Program of the Department started in 2003.
The core teaching goals for undergraduate are to cultivate individuals with international vision and cultural literacy. To train talents with professional knowledge of foreign languages-English and Japanese in professional arena. The educational goals of Master’s Program: To cultivate professional talents of foreign language academic research and application.
Department of Social and Policy Sciences ( was established in 1989. The department is devoted to analyzing social changes, social structures, and social policy in different contexts via intensive courses program, including qualitative and quantitative methods. The faculties of department are dedicated to liberal and comprehensive education so that students are equipped with substantial knowledge in sociology and policy sciences, which will lead them to participate in national development and social practices. These two focuses complement each other in that the former provides theoretical understanding of the changing structures of knowledge while the latter promotes the application of knowledge to social practices, including social reform, social critique, and radical social changes.
Department of Art and Design ( established in 2007, which is the youngest departments in the CHSS. The creative industry is viewed as the hottest topic in the field of art. With the trend of globalization, how to cultivate Taiwan's future talents of management and planning has become a topic of great importance. Facing this trend and the pursuit of academic professionalism in art, the Department has started recruiting students in 2007. In addition to the basic art curriculum, YZU has planned to integrate all resources on campus to provide the most professional and complete learning environment for students at this department.
The Department emphasizes laying a good foundation of art appreciation as well as the ability to create. This department has provided art history and basic skills. Hopefully, these courses will help our students to learn and gain inspiration from their experiences. In addition to courses in basic art and art history, the department has arranged courses to guide students to develop creativity and the learning in other related fields.

International Program in Humanities and Social Sciences for BachelorIPHSSB ( ) will be started in 2016, which is one of the most promising and youngest departments in Yuan Ze University.