College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yuan Ze University

Founded in 1997, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is the youngest division of Yuan Ze University. The Faculty of CHSS is dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and learning and fostering cutting edge research and discovery in Chinese and Japan literature and linguistics, arts and design, as well as social and policy sciences. CHSS is redefining humanities and social sciences’ education for the 21st century and is committed to an open CHSS accessible to students from all backgrounds.
The tasks of CHSS faculty are devoted to cultivating students’ academic excellence, personality integration, cultural creativity and cultural industrial and policy manager, including undergraduate and graduate admissions. Currently CHSS comprises 4 departments, a center, a Ph.D. program, and an international program. The key visions of CHSS education are:
—To cultivate talented students specializing in multi-culturalism, arts design and cultural creative industries and policy.
—To train students to have academic excellence, community concern, and global mobility via well-designed courses program in humanities and social sciences.
Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature
Department of Social and Policy Sciences
Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
Department of Art and Design
International Program in Humanities and Social Sciences for Bachelor