Cultural Industries and Cultural Policy Doctoral Program

This program is designed to train top-notch talents in cultural industry management and cultural policy analysis for the country, society, and industry.

Combined with the faculty's expertise, the program cultivates all-around talents with cultural and artistic attainment, knowledge of cultural policies and regulations, and practical skills in market operations through training in policy science, public administration, multiculturalism and ethnicity, art and design, and digital technology.

The program emphasizes both theory and practice, with theoretical courses reinforcing the knowledge of cultural industry management and cultural policy and strengthening the policy discourse ability of doctoral students, and practical courses covering domestic and international field research, art exhibition event organization, etc. The program aims to cultivate versatile talents with both theoretical knowledge of cultural policy and management competency.


Figure 1 Schematic Diagram of Program Objectives


Cultural practitioners who love art, aesthetics, and creation are welcome to apply for this program, which, through systematic theoretical and practical training, will make up for cultural practitioners' weaknesses in management concepts, policy awareness, and market acumen, and cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who are good at industrial operation, marketing, and policy analysis.


Figure 2 Training Process


More information about admissions :

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