Department of Art and Design

  • An international and diverse faculty team is dedicated to teaching in a unique small-group Studio style, with a rich curriculum covering art and design, to cultivate talents that respond to domestic and international trends in art and design.
  • Freshman and sophomore courses focus on the basic training of art creation and design creation. Students in their junior year can choose from two directions according to their interests and expertise: the first is "art creation", which mainly includes architectural light sculpture, new media, and video art creation; the second is "design creation", which mainly includes digital, interactive technology, and other related designs. In the fourth year, the students will exhibit their graduation projects.


Curriculum incorporates a variety of unique exchange activities

  • Plumblossom & Performance Work Camp
  • Blossomy music festival
  • University of Bologna Summer School
  • FAR EASTTERN International Forum Lectures



Department of Art and Design MBA Programs

  • Including real-world curatorial internships and local entrepreneurial practices.
  • Course Features:
    1. Art History as the Foundation: In-depth and solid basic training to consolidate students' knowledge of art history and provide them with insight into research methods of visual analysis.
    2. A Framework of Arts Administration: To develop students' professional competence in conceptualization, planning and integration, business management, marketing, and communication skills.
    3. Artistic Practice Training: Emphasize the "integration of practice and theory" by allowing students to participate in all aspects of exhibitions in each academic year, from planning to reviewing, in order to cultivate professional talents.