Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics

The Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics aims to train and cultivate students with professional English and Japanese language skills, along with intercultural understanding, communicative competence, independent analytic and critical thinking skills, and spirits of teamwork and professionalism.



  • Language Skills

    • The courses emphasize practical language application for real-world purposes. The Whole Language concept is used in English language training by combining listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Regarding Japanese learning, freshmen will start from the basic Gojūon (Japanese alphabets) and later advance on that foundation. Junior and senior students are required to read 100 Japanese short essays or illustrations and write short essays.​​

  • Specialized Courses

    • The aim of specialized courses is to enrich students with professional linguistic quality, with courses such as fundamental linguistics, language teaching, culture, literature and more. Courses such as translation (including oral interpretation), language for specific purposes (LSP) (e.g., Business English and Japanese; English for the workplace; journalistic English; tourism Japanese, etc.) are available for students to apply their linguistic knowledge and integrate with the industrial workplace.

  • Graduation Project

    • To develop students’ ability to apply language skills in practice, students are required to choose a topic for graduation project from the second semester of the third year until the first semester of the fourth year. The topic ranges from academic research, internship, teaching practicum, teaching materials, magazines, recipes, videos, apps, games, to any imaginable projects that involve English or Japanese skills. Students will receive a year of training and guidance from a professor and present their work in an exhibition.